Just spent 3,000 to 4,000 dong, you can easily buy 1 liter of dishwashing water. However, if long-term use, washing up liquid can cause unpredictable danger.

Wash water "3 not"

On many streets, people often encounter the carts selling all sorts of detergent, wash water from the floor, bathtub, toilet ... juices to wash dishes for a "fat".

With the water Sunlight dishwashing brand, Hao ..., consumers must buy for between 23000-25000 copper / bottle (800ml), whereas, with the washing water to the "three no "(no backgrounds, no quality standards and unlisted ingredients mixing chemicals), just from 15000-20000 co-ownership right can be a category 5-liter bottle.

Dishwashing water not derived sold in the market

In some shops on Hang Ga Street, Dong Xuan market (Hoan Kiem) resale price more expensive, from 25000-30000 copper / bottles / 5 liter.

As seekers of wholesale sources, we are a store that sells all kinds of chemicals, bleach, dishwashing Hang Ga said: "Want to buy wholesale children can type to (20 liter) then pre-order, phone number, when there will alo pickup to pay. " Seeing that we seemed to wonder about the quality and price, you pay the shop owner continued: "Customers here an absolute guarantee of quality. I bought the long term, with the number more will be discounted 10%."

Scientists warn, if the chemicals in the water washing it enters the body through ingestion will cause liver damage, kidney and intestinal diseases, even intestinal perforation. More dangerous, if long-term accumulation in the body, they can cause cancer.

According to the shop owner here said, the quality of products here more secure and safer for people to use as recipe prepared by a "standard" than elsewhere. However, when asked this recipe verified by public authorities, the owners are ... "shook his head"!

To "market entry", we look to the restaurant C.L Lang Ha street. Handle the plastic container containing dishwashing liquid, employee cafeteria pot pour a little into the water, then for every bowl, put you in, then use wet towel churning through the speakers of the bowl. Finally, the bowl full of foam stick pots are rotated into the murky water, grease scum side. Tong Tong picked bowls still soapy water, this staff lined up on each table for guests.

Not only in the cafeteria, in the restaurant, brasserie bit crowded on the city and fall into similar situations. To save costs, the restaurant owner is willing to buy the washing of unknown origin for use without attention to quality assurance or not!

Spend less money, bring more accessibility

According to an officer of the Institute of Chemical Industry of Vietnam, the chemicals used to wash the dishes include: detergents, coagulant, aromatics ... and some softening additives, colorings other. If applied strictly according to recipes with a rate appropriate chemicals are safe for users. However, now on the market appears all sorts of dishwashing water "anonymous" with the concentration of the chemicals can not control. The chemical, toxic food coloring in the water will cling washing cups, bowls which the naked eye can not see. Gradually, this will leach chemicals into the body through ingestion and cause disease.

Sharing the same opinion, Prof. Dr. Le Anh Tuan, former director of the Hanoi Health Department adds, dishwashing water sold in liters "anonymous" is floating in the market have a lot of toxins. People should not ham cheap, buy products of unknown origins in order to "money lost, disabilities bring."

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