Core values and business philosophy

The image shows the "Righteous"
Integrity and honesty in all transactions.

The image shows the "Respect"
Respect yourself, respect for colleagues, companies, and partner.

The image shows the "Fair"
Fair with employees, customers, supplier, and stakeholders.

The image shows the "Ethics"
Respecting the standards set & form, in any case, done ethically.
The image shows the "Compliance"
Always comply with the laws of Vietnam & International, the conduct rules & regulations, and rules & regulations of the company.


HAO wants all the company's products are become popular in many areas, a territory in Vietnam, and worldwide. So, MY HAO always remembers that "Quality and Creativity" has always been a companion to each other. Therefore, My HAO customer is always "Center” and we are committed to "Meet the Needs" of the customer.

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