JSC My Hao Cosmetics

With the desire to bring the elite products that contribute to help a better life for society. JSC Hao Cosmetics has devoted his passion for research, design and the introduction of best quality products. For us, health is the master key in your life. So we have been together with the foreign expert to deliver healthy products.

It established since 1978, beginning as a production base small cosmetics business, which experienced a lot of difficulties & strives to present became JSC My Hao Cosmetics (Short: MY HAO).

With over 30 years of time milestone on the road construction and development, the company has gradually built MY HAO position their brands on the market by the creation of the trust & love guest groin.

Currently, when it comes to MY HAO, people will think of the following products:
- Countries Dishwasher
- Water Wash Clothes
- Fabric Softener
- Javel Bleach
- Windshield Washer Fluid
- Water Mopping the Floor
- Water Toilet Bowl Cleaner
- Shampoo
- Bath
- Aromatic Soap
- Antibacterial Soap
- Perfume

With resourceful staff, who are well trained, experienced, and passionate towards the social & community. The company's products have gradually MY HAO occupy the domestic market as well as other countries in the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Korea, Laos, and Cambodia. We have to apply the latest achievements of science in the production in order to make available the best product.

Come to MY HAO Company where you will get satisfaction, the daily health care products as well as pure commitment through individual and every staff in the company.

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