1 Organization and follow the program marketing plan, advertising plans, promotions. Tracking and reporting the performance results.
2 Detect marketing opportunities by researching and analyzing sales data and market.
3 Protect the value of the organization by keeping the secret of marketing information.
4 Update knowledge profession by attending training seminars; see specialized publications; establish a network of personal relationships, join a professional organization of trades.
5 Expansion of product distribution channels.
6 Planning, deployment, implementation and evaluation of advertising, buying, and promotions; implementing sales action plans for each product category.
7 Maintain relationships with major customers by regular customer visits; explore the specific needs, anticipate new opportunities.
- Specific tasks will be discussed in the interview.
- Specialized University graduate in Business Administration, Marketing
- English communication proficiency.
- Ability to build and maintain good relationships with customers.
- 3 years experience in a similar position.
- Good communicated ability
- Organization management and good planning
- Proficiency in office computer.
- Nimble, careful, enthusiastic at work
- Candidates with experience in the FMCG industry and cosmetics
Personality, attitude: Assertive, calm and strategic vision

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