1. Develop a distribution system, personnel system of the region.
2. Planning, strategy development system to dealer sales specialist Horeca channels and industrial channels nationwide.
3. Ensure the Horeca channel revenue targets under the assigned targets.
4. Manage personnel and management system in order to achieve the objectives and outputs.
5. Plan policies and promotions to boost sales for the Horeca channel.
6. Collect market information, product information, competitor information and propose solutions.
7. Create, maintain and develop relationships in order to promote sales of Horeca channel system
8. Be knowledgeable about the market and have extensive relationships with partners, customers specializing in Horeca channel
9. Experience 5 years or more in the relevant position in the Horeca channel specializing in FMCG sector.
Specific work will be discussed in the interview.
10. Salary: from 22,000,000 to 25,000,000 VND.
11. Men aged 35 years and older.
12. Candidates send your CV in Vietnamese.
13. Email CV candidates received: thanhhung.myhao@gmail.com

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