1. Establish business goals through the proposed plans and business targets to each ASM, SS and regional NVBH team management.
2. Achieve business goals and is responsible for sales targets, production, SKUs .... regional.
3. Scheduling test, urge, remind and support the sector has not met the set requirements.
4. To strengthen the network of distributors, customers, maintaining relationships with key customers, identifying opportunities for new customers.
5. Formulate policies and promotions to boost sales and achieve business targets.
6. Responsible for the sales figures reported dates, targets and business results to the Director General.
7. Manage the business and market development in their respective provinces.
8. Knowledgeable market their respective provinces (North - Central - Eastern - HCM) .Uu Candidates are local people.
9. 5 years experience in similar position in the FMCG sector.
Specific work will be discussed in the interview.
10. Salary: From 25,000,000 and 30,000,000 VND.
11. Men aged 35 years and older.
12. Candidates send your CV in Vietnamese.
13. Email CV candidates received: thanhhung.myhao@gmail.com

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